Wisdom Tooth Extractions

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

They are the third set of molars that usually appear by the age of 17-21. These Wisdom Teeth may only partially erupt, or stay buried under the gum.

Do I Need To Extract Them?

If the Wisdom Teeth are developing normally, there is no need to extract them. But in many cases, there is not enough room for the Wisdom Teeth to erupt properly, hence they become impacted and may potentially cause problems.


The Impacted Wisdom Teeth may cause pain, swelling of the gums and may even affect the surrounding teeth.

Steps of Treatment

  • Local anaesthetic or general anaesthetics will be prescribed.


  • Your dentist will expose the tooth by lifting any gum tissue and remove bone around the tooth.


  • The tooth will be gently removed by the dentist. It may be sectioned for removal if necessary.


  • The gums will be stitched back.


  • After the removal, the dentist will give you a gauze to bite down on, to help the blood clot.

Medisave Claimable

You can claim from $350 to $2,600 from your Medisave for your Wisdom Tooth Surgery, depending on the complexity of the surgery.


An average patient can claim $950 per tooth.


Your Medisave Account can be used for immediate family members, i.e. spouse, children, parents.

Steps for Claim

  • Patients will fill in the Medisave Claim Form (Provided by the clinic)


  • Payment will be made in full by the patient.


  • Refund will be processed after approval from Medisave.


  • Patient will receive the refund via the mode of payment that was used. (i.e. Credit Card)

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