Your Consultation

During the consultation, Dr Kevin will discuss your problem, options and pros/limitations of each option. This allows our patients to make an informed choice! Once you have chosen Smiledesign, moulds and pre-operative photographs are taken of you. On the next visit, Dr Kevin will present an initial design for your approval. With your initial approval the work starts on your teeth. After preparation of the teeth, rubber impressions are taken to manufacture the new smile. An this stage, the initial design is “mocked-up” on the patient’s teeth for them to approve.

What is Smiledesign?

Watch this video to find out!

  • Tooth position
  • Tooth size and Shape
  • Colour of the teeth
  • The comfort in biting and eating
  • The overall look of the smile
  • The way the new smile impacts the lip
  • How the smile looks in your face

Patients wear their mock-ups home for the duration of the manufacture. Please note : any further adjustments are still possible up to two days after. On the final visit, the new smile is checked for final approval by the patient. After bonding, patients can eat immediately after! The smile can be further fine-tuned on consultation between Dr. Kevin and the patient.



Smiledesign offers a designer smile that is achievable quickly, comfortably, with minimum hassle and without most of the usual drawbacks of conventional braces. From the most subtle cases to the incredibly complex cases, smiles are all easily and beautifully transformed!

SPEED In as little as 7 days 1 ½ to 5 years 1 year to many years (Depends a lot on patient discipline)
PAIN Minimal discomfort


Painful especially when they activate the braces each visit Not as noticeable and less painful than traditional braces
HASSLE No appliances to wear, few visits, no effect on speech Uncomfortable appliances, ulcers, repeated visits and speech is altered Aligners need to be worn for 22 hours a day
EXTRACTIONS Seldom required Most cases require multiple extractions Teeth often need to be filed down to make space without any further protection
LONG TERM STABILITY No Relapse (No retainers necessary as we do not move teeth!) Stability after treatment is a problem especially for older patients (Retainers must be worn) Stability after treatment is a problem especially for older patients (Retainers must be worn)
SIZE, SHAPE, COLOUR! All can be easily altered on consultation with patients Cannot be altered without further treatment Cannot be altered without further treatment


Buck Teeth

Dracula Teeth

Lower Crowding

Open Bites

Worn Out Teeth

Crooked Teeth


Missing Teeth


DIscoloured Teeth

Gummy Smiles

Old Dental Work

Retained Baby Teeth


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